Access Control

Access Control

When it comes to access control we have some terrific and versatile products available at Jonesec. Access control for your home is the use of a keypad or swipe reader or app rather than a standard key. This means that there is limited access to your property. You can control who can come and go with the press of a button.

Access Security Systems

You can review entries and denied entries from your computer or smartphone. We can integrate access control with other features of your security network including cameras, alarms, intercoms and gates. Access control gives you greater management over your security system in the home, office or high rise.

For overall safety access control is important. The main aim of an access control unit is to protect your premises from unlawful access. You can easily determine the identity of anyone entering the building. You can also choose from a range of different access methods including:

  • Code
  • Fob
  • Card
  • App

Access control prevents intruders by not allowing access to your security system. The security features also act as a deterrent for would be burglars. Restricting access to your home will reduce the risk of vandalism and burglary and will protect your family’s safety and the security of your home.

Using access control as part of your home security gives you peace of mind. You are secure in the knowledge that your home, those in it, and your possessions are secure. You can monitor the access and departure times of cleaners and tradespeople when Jonesec install these security devices on your property.

For more information about an access control system for your home contact us on 0439 726 484. We provide free consultations with homeowners in Brisbane and the Gold Coast areas to discuss the security method that will suit you best. We service commercial as well as residential properties in Brisbane and in Gold Coast Regions.

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