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With security cameras installed in your home, you can easily monitor what is happening outside and inside your property at all times. Our high definition systems are available throughout Gold Coast and Brisbane areas to improve your security through surveillance inside and away from the home.

Security cameras are robust and discreet. As crime and theft increases, security cameras are becoming more important and popular in homes and businesses. Video images from security cameras has led to the arrest of many criminals on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane.

CCTV Surveillance

The popular CCTV system refers to video feeds which are transmitted within a closed system from various security cameras. CCTV cameras give you high quality video from any location on your property.

Any attempted entry to your property will be recorded. Damage made to the outside of your property will also be caught on camera. This protects your home as well as your vehicles from theft and damage. It is also a low cost method of monitoring your children and your pets.

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A Custom Designed Solution for Your Home

At Jonesec we have only the best equipment available and deal with quality preferred brands including Hik Vision. We have a range of high tech equipment to choose from and will advise you on the camera and security system to best suit your home. There is a full warranty on all equipment and a guarantee on installation of cameras and other security equipment.

We record real time data and produce quality hi res images form every camera installed at your home.
With advancements in technology, our Hik Vision cameras come in all shapes and sizes. They can be wired or wireless. Wireless versions offer a host of security options as they can be placed virtually anywhere on your property.

Out cameras can be motion activated and can be viewed from anywhere with an internet connection. Remote viewing can be done by monitor, phone, tablet or computer. Jonesec can do single and double storey installs. We have infrared cameras and a full warranty available on all of our quality products. Storage capacity and the number of cameras needed differ with every property.

Changes in technology can affect how your existing cameras work. If you have an older security setup it is time to talk to us about an upgrade!

A CCTV camera is the ultimate deterrent for burglars. We advise on your unique setup as to where the cameras are located – front door, driveway, back door, side doors or garage. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Jonesec can best advise you on the ultimate camera solution for your home. See us about a new system or upgrade to keep your home secure.

For service, advice, and installation of home security cameras phone 0439 726 484 today.