Secure Home Intercom Systems

Want to see who is at your gate from the inside your home? At Jonesec we provide and install professional intercom systems. The systems allow you to see who is at the gate, speak to your visitors and unlock the entrance gate or door to allow them entry. Our intercom systems are primarily designed by Aiphone – and we also supply and install other leading brands of Intercoms.

What is an Intercom?

An intercom is a stand alone voice activated communications system, designed for use in the home or workplace. Some intercom units can be integrated with your other security systems such as your electronic gate release. We can install wired or wireless units in your home. Speak to us about an intercom system that will best suit your needs.

Benefits of Intercoms

Intercoms are a safe and effective way of screening all visitors to your home. You receive video verification of your guests to a monitor or device inside your house. We can seamlessly integrate your intercom system with the rest of your security system, such as your electronic gates and access controlled doors.

Having our intercom systems installed:

  • Prevents crime
  • Stops children from opening the door to strangers
  • Allows you to unlock gates and doors from inside your home
  • Helps with night vision
  • Can be viewed via an app
  • Allows for improved communication
  • Is versatile and allows you to communicate with anyone outside your building from any number of chosen points in your home or while you’re out.

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Quality Products

Jonesec have a range of cutting edge products available. Our Aiphone range includes features such as:

  • Video entry security
  • Internal communication
  • Emergency stations
  • Paging
  • Audio and video
  • Wireless systems
  • Stainless steel face plates to ensure weather protection
  • A modern professional streamlined look
  • Optional emergency buttons
  • Wireless capabilities
  • Amplified speakers
  • Flush mounted units
  • Indicators for call placement and answer indicators
  • Plastic weather resistant units
  • Touch button LCD monitor kits with 7 inch monitors, colour video and more
  • Touch screen applications

Home Setup for Intercoms

An intercom system is ideal in a large home. Main living areas and bedrooms can all have an integrated system installed for ease of use. A paging system is a part of many of our intercom systems. You have the opportunity to monitor your children’s activities at any time.

Our professional intercoms keep your belongings and family safe and give you complete peace of mind. You will find our intercom units to be of excellent quality and competitively priced. Contact us on 0439 726 484 for more information today.